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I still regularly shoot film. I love the unique qualities it brings to images, and I use it for pretty much all my personal work including portraits of my own children. Currently my primary camera for my personal portrait projects is a 5×4″ view camera. A huge 6kg beast of a thing that would be instantly recognisable to the Victorian gentleman photographer. So if you see a man in the Chichester area focussing his large bellows camera with a large red cloth over his head that’s probably me – feel free to say hello. I don’t think anyone locally is using a similar camera.

Most people are perplexed when they find out I work this way. Indeed, if I have to walk anything more than a short distance with this heavy and unwieldy camera I do start questioning it myself. But these cameras do have a look about their images that is impossible to replicate with smaller formats, and if you want to reproduce genuinely large images nothing else (apart from an even bigger view camera) comes close. A well made large format photograph has a peculiar depth to it, almost as if you could dip you hand into it, and an almost painterly quality in its colours.

This year I have decided for the first time to offer a film photography service to my clients who want a genuinely unique piece of portrait art. I know the phrase ‘fine art photography’ has been criminally over used in the past few years but this is the real deal. It is very hard to get across the quality of this type of image on a website so please book an appointment for a viewing of this work if you are interested in commissioning a portrait. You can do this through the contact page or give me a ring on 07552 990080.





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